Panoramic (2014; rev. 2016)

For large chamber ensemble
Duration: 10'



Horn in F
Tenor Trombone


Strings (one to a part)

Program Note:

The title of this piece refers to the formal scheme I derived by considering the visual spectacle of a sprawling panorama. Although one can only take in a vast 180º panorama in so much detail from one glance, a closer look of each section in the overall view would likely be taken in order to fully appreciate the entire scope of the panorama. Similarly, the opening movement of this piece depicts a vast horizon upon which many of the core thematic ideas appear. The subsequent inner movements each begin attacca and present three detailed, independent vignettes of portions of the panorama. After a moment of pause, the final movement begins offering a revisited panoramic view during which all the themes coalesce and suggest that the retrospective glance is similar yet more defined than the first. The resulting sonata-like narrative is, for the composer, a study in the intermingling possibilities of musical themes.