I should learn to look at an empty sky

I should learn to look at an empty sky (2016)

for piano trio
Dedicated to Trio Phoenix
Duration: 8'45"

Program Note

This piece, dedicated with gratefulness to Trio Phoenix, follows a meditative journey from billowing chaos to quiet, serene stasis. I’ve noticed that there is a great deal of music which concerns itself with the concept of organic growth but not so much music concerned with organic decay - a concept every bit as embedded within the natural world and the human experience, and arguably just as beautiful. To that end, I thought it would be interesting to write a piece which begins in medias res at peak ferocity and gradually dwindles down to a calm whisper.

Recording: Trio Phoenix performing at the Peabody Conservatory's Cohen-Davison Family Theatre on 5/5/16.

Click here for a score PDF.