Hello there. I am a person who writes music. I’ve had the opportunity to write for a number of groups including the NeoPhonia New Music Ensemble, Chamber Cartel, Terminus Ensemble, Trio Phoenix, Omnibus Ensemble, and Now Hear This. I currently live in Baltimore, Maryland where I am working towards a master's degree at the Peabody Institute and studying with Kevin Puts. This fall I will begin my Ph.D at Princeton University as a Roger Sessions doctoral fellow. I encourage you to wander around this website and listen to some of my work.

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Connor Elias Way (b. 1991) is a person who writes music. His music has been played by groups such as the Minnesota Orchestra, the Aspen Contemporary Ensemble, Sō Percussion, Occasional Symphony, and the Aizuri Quartet, among others. Connor is currently a Roger Sessions doctoral fellow at Princeton University.

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[photo by Ryan James Christopher]

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